Electric scooters have been taking cities over across the United States and in the coming months, they will finally be making their way to the streets of Knoxville.

The electric scooters have gained massive popularity around the country, with Nashville being the closest city to Knoxville that currently has them in operation. Nashville now features four companies that have dropped their scooters around town – Bird, Lime, Lyft and Jump, which was recently acquired by Uber.

Bird scooter in downtown Nashville, Tennessee ©Connect865

On Tuesday, the Knoxville City Council approved a plan that would bring a scooter pilot program to Knoxville – lasting six months on its initial run with the option to be renewed. The two companies that will take part in the program are Veoride and Zagster – which also currently operates the city’s bike share program.

Not everything with this new mode of transportation has been perfect, however. In Nashville alone, it has been reported that accidents involving the scooter are on the rise. Nationally, there are incidents being reported everywhere almost daily, prompting many people to question if they should even be allowed on the streets.

All of the companies mentioned in this writing specifically mention the proper and safe ways to operate the scooters, but only Bird advertises free helmets to anyone willing to cover the cost of shipping.

It remains to be seen how well scooters will go over in Knoxville, but one thing is for sure – when operated properly and with safety in mind, they sure are convenient and a lot of fun.